When it comes to remodeling or redecorating, we usually have a pretty good idea of what we want, because we all have our own tastes ; only, will it be next year’s design or so yesterday’s? This is an important decision to make, because design trends will not only generate the “wow factor” but also will make it more appealing in case of a sale.

Decoration: What Will Be Hot?

Interior design shows an inclination towards organic and sustainable materials, such as cork that can be used on many surfaces from walls to floors and accessories.
2017 remodeling trends

There is also the touch of sophistication that will come from an unexpected source : jewelry tones of polished nickel, gold, silver, cut quartz, opal, added to silk and sheer fabrics will make your place the most romantic and refined.

2017 Remodeling Trends

In the tiles department, terracotta is making a big comeback. The warm earthy tones, never quite uniform throughout, are adding color and a bit of spanish flair. To avoid mismatch and too many visual breaks, designers recommend to use terracotta flooring for a whole floor.

While an open floor plan is still popular to make the house look more spacious, the trend indicates people want the kitchen almost separate, or at least uncluttered. Design privileges hidden appliances and oversized storage to clear all counters.

Top Kitchen Trendsw

2017 remodeling trends

  • Hidden appliances
  • Maximized storage
  • Granite countertops
  • Black and white palette
  • Bold fixtures and colors

The bathroom will become your favorite retreat, the place where you can escape from it all, relax and pamper yourself in bright luxury and comfort. Marble will add elegance while your oversized mirror will make a statement if boldly framed in gold or silver.

Top 2017 Remodeling Trends: Bathrooms

2017 remodeling trends

  • Spa feeling
  • Luxurious features
  • Natural stones
  • Neutral colors
  • Make it stylishly functional

Remodeling and redecorating are decisions to be made with the future in mind. It doesn’t mean choosing a modern design if that is not your cup of tea; it means thinking ahead and the possible resale value of your house. When you browse to find ideas for your renovation projects and come across the hottest 2017 remodeling trends, focus on what you know you can live with for years. You shouldn’t follow trends just to say you are “in”. Visualize yourself in the space and ask yourself what is right for your family.

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