There’s never a wrong time to do a bathroom renovation. The bathroom can be a place that often gets neglected when it comes to a renovation but it’s the place in the house that’s most used and that people really notice when they visit. It’s all in the details. Besides, it’s a place we want to look fresh and clean at all times. Here are a few ways to revamp a bathroom:

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

These are a few larger project ideas for bathroom remodeling and renovation.

Add a Double Sink

If your bathroom or master bathroom turns into a battlefield every morning when you and your significant other need to get ready, save time and energy adding a His and Hers vanity sink. The added space means that you’ll have your own spaces to get organized and get ready, without crawling all over each other. With a little more counter space, you can add some candles to turn your bathroom into a spa experience.

Add a Tub

If you bought a house and neither of the bathrooms has a tub, consider adding one not only to revamp your bathroom but to improve your life! Baths can be beneficial to relaxation efforts after a long day of work or tough holiday weekend with the inlaws. If you already have a tub, consider a small bathroom renovation to highlight your bathtub so that you are reminded to use it more.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

These are examples of smaller scale, more budget-friendly bathroom renovation ideas.

Add More Storage Space

Building or adding cabinets can make your bathroom look more neat and organized. Small additions will allow you the space to hide all the supplies and everyday things for when guests come to visit. Adding shelving options is another great and easy bathroom renovation idea.

Add a Mirror

Sometimes you don’t need a huge bathroom renovation to add space to your bath. Installing another mirror or adding mirrored surfaces or containers can help illuminate the space and bring in more light.

Change the Color Scheme

Changing the color of the walls and/or the flooring can make a huge impact in your bathroom remodeling. A change of color is easy and gives your bathroom a fresh new look instantly. Choose a color that inspires you but also harmonizes with the rest of the fixtures, features, and installations. Another great option is to opt for a white or neutral wall color, and add colorful accent pieces to bring the room to life.

Colorful rugs, candles, even fresh flowers will revamp your bathroom without the need of a big bathroom remodeling project, but if you want to ring in the near year with a fresh feel – give these tips a try.

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