The time has come. Your dream kitchen is about to happen and you wish it to be a complete stress free kitchen remodel. Could it magically appear in front of your eyes? None of us have Mary Poppins magical snapping fingers… but a girl (or guy) can dream. However, don’t give up your dream of a perfect kitchen due to stress. Here we have 7 easy-peasy steps to make it through.

1. Do your research

Yup, a lot of stress can be avoided if you research a lot and write down pros and cons, prices, places, and resources. Make a file folder with ideas from magazines. Even an inspiration board to be able to look at it easily. An inspiration board is a board full of images that inspire you and that creates and put your vision together. Also, make sure you’re aware of any permits needed, if any.

2. Have a plan

Once you researched and wrote down exactly what you want, make the plan for the ultimate stress free kitchen remodel. Create a feasible timeline, your top 5 items, pieces or areas in the kitchen that you absolutely don’t want to give up on (in case you find out it might not be possible due to budget, time, etc). Write down measurements, stores that sell the appliances or hardware you want, sales dates, coupons available.

3. Have a budget

One of the key aspects that make a remodeling project stressful is the financial one. Make sure you can afford your dream or you’ll set yourself up for disappointment. Make a price range for each thing you need: materials, appliances, labor. You don’t want to overspend on cabinets and then not being able to afford the countertops you really want and have to settle for less. Make sure you have an itemized list and a price range for each thing.

4. Hire the right person

Here’s a helpful article with tips on where to hire a contractor and steps to hire a contractor.

5. Shop wisely

We mentioned before that it’s good to keep a file folder of all the ideas, sales and coupons. Along those lines, research sales the big stores are having. Call them to find out the day they do their markdowns. Talk to your contractor for recommendations of the best shops to buy from. Remember that most stores do a huge sale on Black Friday and normally after Christmas and after 4th of July.

6. Save the paperwork

Save receipts and invoices for EVERYTHING. Save your warranties as well. You never know when you’ll need them and it will save a lot of time and headaches to be able to pull them in a blink from your binder.

7. Final rundown. You made it! A total stress free kitchen remodel!

Have a final rundown checklist. The final day of the project, do a walkthrough and check every item of your list. Address any issues with your contractor then and make sure he offers a solution.

Enjoy the process and don’t be afraid to re evaluate when necessary!

Kitchen renovation needs not be daunting to plan nor stressful to live through. Planning is at the core of a stress free kitchen remodel, or any remodeling project for that matter.

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