We know that when it comes to your home improvement projects, you are planning on a return on investment that will be significant to the amount of work and money put into it. And it’s hard sometimes to know for sure if those projects will give you the most bang for your money.

Home Improvement Projects with Highest ROI

Replacing Your Front Door

It has a low cost and it can be a game changer at the time of selling. If your door is right next to the garage, consider replacing the garage door as well so they match. They don’t have to the the same, but at least have the same style. You don’t want a steel front door and a victorian wooden style garage door.
According to the 2015 Remodeling Impact Survey, a new steel front entry door costs an average of $2,000 (installed), and a 75% return on investment.

Kitchen Remodel or Upscaling

It’s no news that stainless steel is the trend right now and it seems that it is often a deal breaker for buyers. Updating your appliances, cabinets, and replacing your countertops for granite or stone in neutral colors can totally revamp your kitchen and give it an upscale look that will bring you return in the long run.

Adding Outdoor Space

Adding patio and deck space is a very profitable home improvement and it’s on the rise for a very low cost. It’s more profitable than adding a bathroom or a master bedroom.

Adding Square Footage

Converting your attic into a bedroom is also a home improvement that doesn’t take much money or power because you already have the base, the walls and the roof.

Home remodeling projects like adding a bathroom or adding a master suite have proven to return half of the cost that was put into it, so think carefully if you’re considering your home as an investment. However, several buyers express that you can tell when money has been spent or not in a home because of a dated bathroom.

So Which Home Improvement Projects Should You Focus on?

We say you should look at your house as a whole and decide on a cohesive look and feel. If you add a deck or put all the bells and whistles into one room, say the kitchen, take inventory of other areas in the home that would look outdated. If you don’t plan to put your house on the market, you can take your time and update as time and budget permit. If you are planning to sell, prioritize and focus on what matters to buyers.

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