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Your roof is the difference between you being safe inside and being exposed to the elements. While many homeowners take the safety of their roof for granted, they often find themselves in trouble once it starts leaking. Once your roof’s safety has been compromised, you will need a roof remodel. A roof remodel can increase not only the appearance of your house, but can also increase the value. But you should check the safety of your roof long before a problem sets in.

GW Construction, a family-owned business, can help you with your roofing needs. Established in 1973, GW Construction has a long history of making roofs safer all around the San Diego area.


While California has been hit heavy with a drought, the El Niño brewing in the Pacific is giving a different forecast. What this means, is this winter is set to become one of the wettest winters for Southern California in recent history. This heavy wet weather will be especially hard on roofs, previously weakened and dried out from the long drought and extreme heat. If your roof has not been checked for potential leaks and its overall safety, you should do so now, before El Niño hits. GW Construction serves all of the San Diego area and surrounding cities, and will be happy to help you prepare. Checking your roof now will also save you money, as roof leaks can cause damage within the house.


Having your roof cleaned and maintained frequently can prevent costly repairs on your roof. Keep in mind that the dry conditions in California have severely deteriorated roofs, specifically if they were built with wooden shingles. Keeping up on a scheduled maintenance of your roof can prolong the life before needing a complete replacement. Once your roof is ready for a remodel, you will want to consider having tile roofing installed. The longevity of tile is greater than wooden roofs and will also increase both the appearance and value of your home.


In order to make your house more environmentally friendly, you should consider installing solar panels on your roof. As Southern California typically gets a lot of sunlight, solar energy is a great choice. Not only is solar energy sustainable, but it is also a renewable energy source. Solar panels also require little maintenance and will substantially cut down on your power bill, while cutting down on your carbon footprint. It is a conservative estimate that you’ll reduce your power bill by half. If that saved you $200 a month, for example, you will be saving $2,400 annually. If you are considering solar panels for your business, you can save even more! Solar panels are installed on your roof and can power your entire home. When you start to remodel your roof, solar panels can been installed at the same time.

The safety of your home starts at the top. Make sure your family is protected from the elements and call the professionals at GW Construction today.