Top 10 Home Improvements for Increasing Your Property Value

Are you so busy doing home improvements? If a home buyer were to knock at your door right now, would they really care about the changes you have made? Home improvements are the changes you can make now to increase your property’s resale value tomorrow. Although you would expect to recover lots of dollars from big remodeling projects, sometimes minor projects can fetch your more money.

If you do not have any lucrative ideas in mind, here is our list of the best 10 home improvements you can do to increase your property value.

  1. Bathroom remodeling – The simplest bathroom improvement project will cost anywhere between $400 and $700. The amount could rise beyond $700 though, depending on the contractor you choose to hire and the degree of changes you want to make. If you want to do minor alterations, then you can replace an old vanity, broken light appliances and outdated sinks and faucets. A brand new tile floor or freshly painted bathroom walls and ceiling can make a big difference to the value of your home. You also enlarge a small bathroom.
  2. Kitchen remodeling – An affordable and profitable kitchen upgrading project can use the same budget as your bathroom. However, in an area like San Diego, you can spend an average of fifteen thousand dollars, or more, on kitchen remodels and manage to recover more than a100 percent on resale.
  • Install new energy-saving fixtures– A home that is energy-efficient can cost more on resale in any real estate market. The easiest way to save energy and reduce your energy bills is to buy new energy-saving appliances like a decorative ceiling fan and energy-saving bulbs. A big project may include installation of rooftop solar panels or an energy-efficient roof, changing attic insulation or buying a new modern furnace.
  • Water filtration system – Water is a resource that could increase your monthly utility bills. So you need to purify water by installing a water filtration system in the kitchen. After this you will not buy any more bottled water.
  • Change your carpeting – Carpets and rugs are not going to add to the value of your home directly. They will simply cover and protect your precious flooring material. New carpeting also smells fresh and new.
  • Improve the quality of indoor air – Do you have things like molds, mildew animal droppings or urine, and other contaminants in your basement or attic?   If so, you should improve your home’s drainage system, clean and repair your basement floor and re-do insulation.
  • Landscaping – A big landscaping project can be so expensive. So it is wiser to follow a low-maintenance landscaping plan that will also be consistent. There are changes you can personally make like planting a tree, a hedge, or some flowers. Choose low-maintenance plants too, requiring intermittent watering.
  • Maintain your lawn – If you have time to attend to your lawn, get a self-propelled lawn mower that does all the work for you. Cut your grass, weeds and oversized bushes to enhance the appearance of your lawn. Remember to trim your hedge too.
  • Change your interior décor – Do you have some dark rooms? If so, you should consider making them more visually attractive by replacing your bulky and thick draperies with some shutters or vertical blinds. Also remove all the clutter you do not need.
  1. Add a room –   This can be a sunroom, a home office or a bedroom. Additional rooms will definitely make your house bigger and more attractive to investors and big families.